Make your resolutions stick throughout the year

Happy New Year!

How are your New Year resolutions doing so far? Have you already broken them? Did your new resolutions include any of the same failed resolutions from last year?

Unfortunately, for many of us, resolutions fail far too often. Why do we need to wait until January 1, to start working on our plans and goals anyway? We may believe that day has magical and mystical qualities to it, but anything that you want to start in the new year can be started today…whatever day that may be.


Since resolutions are more often than not, “made to be broken”, I suggest that you don’t worry about keeping resolutions. What you should do is create a plan in order to reach your desired goals.

Writing down your goals is crucial. There’s something about writing it down that makes it a “commitment”. And, you do want to commit to your goals, don’t you?

To help you set goals, and more importantly keep them, John Lee Dumas (@johnleedumas) created a great acronym to help you focus. He calls it the SMART* goal system. His plan suggests that the best way to make and keep goals is to make them Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Time bound. Sounds smart, doesn’t it?!!

smart goal setting concept

So make big (but attainable) plans for 2016. Plan for your job/career and your path to success. Plan to learn a new skill. Plan how you are going to lose those 10 pounds. Plan to do things that you have never done before. Most importantly, plan for a great year!

Happy New Year, and good luck reaching your goals today, tomorrow and throughout the year!


*credit John Lee Dumas


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