Get a job! Suggestions for recent college graduates

Dear recent college graduate,

Congratulations!  Now that graduation has arrived and the celebration has ended, it’s time to enter the real world of 9-5 (or 8 to 6, 8 to 8, or whatever your next job demands of you).

If you are out searching for a job, you’ve got lots of competition, so you better be prepared to act quick and hustle. Whether you are filling out an application or you have your resume in order, it’s time to get cracking and find a job! Here are some helpful tips for finding your first “adult” job.

1. Hustle – Yes, we already mentioned that, but jobs won’t come to you, you have to hustle to find them!
2. Positive attitude – A big smile and a “can-do attitude” will always take you far
3. Find a mentor – You can’t always go to mom & dad. Find yourself an adult mentor who is willing to advise you. A neighbor, a family friend, teacher, etc. Perhaps a “guru” that you find on YouTube, or an author that you admire, but find someone who can advise you and push you to your best
4. Communication skills – Be ready to convey what can offer your prospective employer and articulate how you can contribute to the success of their business
5. Dress for success – Always make a sharp impression. As the old adage goes, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have” (and if you are jobless, it certainly makes good sense to dress for the job you want!)
6. Be on time – Trust us, you won’t get the job if you are late for the interview. All excuses are poor excuses
7. Show a desire to learn and be successful – You may lack experience, but you can make up for it with drive, enthusiasm, a sincere willingness to learn, and a drive to be successful
8. Recognize that you are not entitled – It doesn’t matter who your parents are, or how successful/connected they are. It’ s your turn to make things happen for you!
9. Act professionally – Always be courteous, conscientious, and act in a positive businesslike manner
10. Commit to all these steps, and best wishes!


These are our Top 10 suggestions. We also suggest that cover letters and thank you notes are also a good idea. You do plan to thank them for interviewing you, don’t you? As with your resume, remember that spelling and grammar count!

What did we miss? Feel free to add comments and your suggestions.


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